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Patatas bravas are an iconic dish of Spanish gastronomy consisting of potatoes cut into cubes or wedges, fried and accompanied with a spicy sauce known as salsa brava. Although potatoes and salsa brava have been eaten independently in Spain for centuries, the combination of the two elements to create patatas bravas as we know them today is relatively recent. 

The exact origin of patatas bravas is a matter of debate, but their popularity has spread throughout Spain and they are considered a typical dish in bars and restaurants. Although there is no absolute consensus on its history, there are some theories as to how patatas bravas came about. 

One theory suggests that patatas bravas were created in Madrid in the mid-20th century. The chef of the restaurant Casa Pellico, located on Madrid's Gran Vía, is said to have created the dish in the 1960s. According to this version, the chef decided to combine fried potatoes with a spicy sauce to offer a delicious appetizer with character. Since then, patatas bravas became popular in the Spanish capital and spread to other parts of the country. 

Another theory suggests that patatas bravas have their origins in the Extremadura region of southwestern Spain. In this version, it is said that patatas bravas were created in the 1930s in a bar in the city of Badajoz. The owner of the establishment, known as 'Señor Brava', is said to have been responsible for combining the fried potatoes with a spicy sauce that became very popular with customers. Regardless of their exact origin, the fact remains that patatas bravas have become an emblematic dish of Spanish cuisine and are a common choice in tapas bars throughout the country. 

In addition to regional variations in the preparation of the potatoes and the sauce, there are also different versions of the recipe, some milder and others spicier, adapting to the tastes and preferences of each diner. In our shop, for example, we have a spicy oil and a spicy salt that will be perfect for your homemade salsa brava recipe. And if you don't have your own recipe, here's a simple recipe for making a salsa brava with spicy oil and spicy salt: 


3 tablespoons olive oil 

1 tablespoon spicy oil

1 small onion, finely chopped 

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped 

2 teaspoons paprika, spicy 

1 teaspoon flour 

1 cup chicken or vegetable stock 

Spicy salt to taste

Optional: a pinch of sugar 


Heat the olive oil and hot pepper together in a large skillet over medium heat. 

Add the onion and garlic, and cook until golden brown and soft. 

Add the paprika and flour to the pan. 

Cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly, to blend the flavours. 

Add the chicken or vegetable stock a little at a time, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. 

Cook the sauce over medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until slightly thickened. 

Remove the pan from the heat and allow the salsa brava to cool slightly. Then transfer to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. 

Return the sauce to the pan and heat over medium-low heat. Add hot salt to taste, being careful not to overdo it if you are not used to intense heat. 

If you want to balance the flavour, you can add a pinch of sugar to counteract the acidity. 

Cook the sauce for a few more minutes, stirring occasionally, to allow the flavours to fully integrate. 

Taste the sauce and adjust the hot salt if necessary. 

If the texture is too thick, you can add a little more stock to thin it out. 

Once ready, you can serve the salsa brava on top of the fried potatoes cut into cubes or wedges. 

Enjoy your homemade patatas bravas with this delicious spicy sauce!

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