Article 1 : General

1.1 Objects:  Artisa Barcelona SL is a Spanish Limited company whose registered office is at n2 Calle Colom 08002 Barcelona, CIF B65220949 (hereinafter referred to as "GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS").

These general conditions of sale govern all relations between GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS and customers of its website "" (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") that allows to place orders for products to be delivered at customer's adress.

The full membership to the general conditions of sale is necessary and indispensable to place an order. Consequently, the buyer can claim a enforceability of any clause, the placing of an order serving as an express acceptance of them. So they will govern relations between GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS and anyone not major shopping physics, on the occasion of the sale of products offered on the Website, for delivery in Spain and in all countries of the European Union. The buyer will be referred to herein as "you".

1.2 Full capacity of the customer: You acknowledge to have the full capacity to engage under these terms and conditions when you place orders on the Website.

1.3 Identifying and account:  At the first order you choose and enter an email address and, if you want to create an account, a password. A uniqueness of the identifier control is then performed by the system. This password strictly confidential is required on each transaction. If you lose or forget your password, you can click a link "Forgot your password" and enter your email address. You will receive by email a link to reset a new password as soon as your email address will be recognized.

1.4 Modification of terms of sales Given the possible evolution of the Website, Gastronomic Souvenirs reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these terms and conditions of sale. The new terms and conditions will be, if any, made available to the customer for online modification and will apply only to sales made after the amendment.

Article 2 : Product

The list and characteristics of the products offered on the Website are subject to change at any time and adapted to best suit your needs and / or according to availability.

The product information is available by clicking on the name or photograph of the product. This information is intended, without being exhaustive, to inform you of the most complete way possible on the essential product characteristics.

The products offered on the Website comply with Spanish legislation and standards applicable in SPAIN. The products are available at the prices and conditions as they are offered on the Website (subject to availability).

Article 3 : Product price

The selling prices of products sold on the Website are expressed in euros, all taxes included (TTC) - unless stated otherwise. They take into account the SPANISH VAT. Any change in the SPANISH VAT rate will be reflected immediately on our prices.

Article 4 : Change of control

4.1 Registration of order

Online orders are made only through the Website which presents a selection of products GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS. The orders made by mail or phone are not included.

All products ordered on the Website are subject to a summary (basket) before you are prompted to confirm your order by indicating the address of the relay or store the address of the home delivery.

The regulation of prices of products makes the final order subject to the application of Article 4.3 below.

4.2 Confirmation of validation of the order, order of preparation

When the Website confirms you the checkout, this confirmation is sent by e-mail indicating an order number.

All information you provide during the order taking engages you in particular those concerning the recipient of the order (name, address...) and all anomalies generated thereby can not be made the responsibility of GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS in If it is unable to execute the order and finalize. To this end, you will see to make sure the recipient or representative thereof is present on the day of delivery.

4.3 Terms of cancellation of order

As for perishable products, you have the option to cancel your order under certain conditions.

The period in which you may cancel your order is set at 24 hours after the payment made provided that the order has not already been shipped. Once shipped, you can not cancel it unless you can prove the product is unfit for human consumption. In this case you must comunicate within 24 hours after reception of the goods.

After verification of compliance with this condition, you will be refunded by check or transfer within fifteen days of the audit.

Exceptionally, an advertised item available on our website may be unavailable after final registration of your order. In this case, you will receive a letter notifying you of the delivery period. You can then, if you wish, decide to cancel your order.Article

5 : Payment order

Online payment is by credit card and Paypal only. 

Just choose your card type (credit card, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, e-carte bleue), enter the card number, its expiration date and your CVC code (consisting of the three numbers on the back of your credit card) and validate your data or click "Cancel - Back to shop" to return to the previous page. 

To provide you the most reliable service and more secure, we chose STRIPE payment software. Seizures are encrypted (SSL encryption) to travel safely and confidentiality. No data of payment is stored on our website. Your payment request is sent in real time on the secure payment system STRIPE : the bank ensures that your credit card is valid (no mistake, no opposition), confirms the registration of your regulations by issuing you a transaction number or informing you that the transaction is denied. 

Your account is debited for the amount of your order.

Article 6 : Delivery of products

See our "Delivery" page.

Article 7 : Responsibility

The items we sell are described and presented with the greatest accuracy. However, the colors can be altered by your computer screen and we can not guarantee the contract.

We are only bound by an obligation of means regarding the operation and continuity of service on the internet. We could see our therefore liable for the inconvenience and damage resulting from the use of the Internet such as a break in the continuity of the service, the presence of computer viruses or external intrusion or more generally all cases qualified force majeure by the French courts.

The regulation of prices of products makes the final order and responsibility of GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS not be sought in cases where the information about ordering prove to be incomplete, insufficient or incorrect and would not have allowed the carrier commissioned by GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS ensure delivery or file notice of way.

Article 8: Force Majeure

GASTRONOMIC SOUVENIRS is exempt from liability in all cases of force majeure related to unavoidable circumstances, unforeseeable and external. Are considered as force majeure cases or claims recognized weather strike logistics service providers, or any other event that could disrupt the smooth flow of goods and information technology flows.

Article 9 : Applicable law and disputes

These general conditions of sale are subject to Spanish law.

In case of dispute, a friendly solution will be sought before any legal action priority. We ask you for this purpose kindly contact our customer service by mail at the following address: Artisa Barcelona SL , Carrer Colom n 2, 08002 Barcelona

Failing a friendly solution, any legal action will be brought before the competent courts.

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