Who are our producers?

Our local producers are key partners who share our passion for quality, sustainability and authenticity. We work closely with them to ensure that our gastronomic products are of the highest quality and faithfully reflect the culinary richness of each region. We carefully select our local suppliers based on their commitment to sustainable practices and respect for culinary traditions. Furthermore, we value their dedication and knowledge, as they enable us to source fresh, authentic ingredients that convey the cultural heritage and history of each product. We work closely with our local producers, exchanging ideas and experiences, to offer exceptional gastronomic products. We are proud to work with them to keep alive the culinary traditions of each region and preserve the unique gastronomic identity that sets us apart.

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Who are our producers?

Our producers are all Spanish and are located in regions where traditional products are emblematic of the local cuisine. We work with suppliers in Jaen and Tarragona for quality olive oil, in Calasparra for rice, in La Vera for paprika, in Aragon for candied fruits, and in Catalonia for neulas, carquiñoles and nuts. This partnership with local producers allows us to guarantee the authenticity and quality of our ingredients, while supporting local economies and preserving regional culinary traditions. We value the passion and knowledge that our producers bring to each ingredient used in our products.

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