Are we a sustainable company?

As a food company committed to the environment, sustainability is central to all our operations and business decisions. We strive to select producers who use local and sustainably grown ingredients, minimize waste and act ethically towards their community and environment. In addition, we seek maximum sustainability in our packaging, strive to be energy efficient, source 100% green energy and manage water responsibly. Our commitment to transparency drives us to clearly communicate our sustainable practices and to constantly seek ways to improve and reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to contributing to a more balanced and healthy future through our sustainable actions. One of the proofs of our commitment is the Biosphere seal we have been awarded.



The Biosphere seal is a certification granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute to tourism companies and destinations that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It is based on international principles and evaluates environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria. Certification implies sustainable practices, responsible resource management, heritage conservation and contribution to local development. Obtaining the Biosphere seal highlights an organization's commitment to sustainability and its leadership in the sector.
To obtain the Biosphere seal, a company or tourist destination must follow these steps: perform an initial evaluation, implement sustainable improvements, undergo an external audit and, if the criteria are met, receive certification. Periodic renewal and continuous monitoring are required to maintain the seal. It is important to contact the Responsible Tourism Institute for specific guidelines and requirements.

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