GS for events

Whether you're planning an event, conference, trade show, meeting, or just want to say ``thank you`` to a client,
giving a gift that someone will actually appreciate is key.
We can help you design your perfect gift. Choose from our regular catalogue, or ask us to customize a special gastronomic gift to make it even more special.

Great gifts are a tangible reminder of the wonderful experience your guests had at your event. They are also powerful branding tools – every time your guests uses your gift, they will invite curiosity and questions from others. You can’t go wrong with  our products.


On the following link you will find some ideas to help you define your special one.


Please contact us or fill in the form to receive more information.

Whatever your budget and whatever the reason, you’ll find  Gastronomic Souvenirs a perfect choice.

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You will take advantage of several features and services including: custom branding (bulk/large order), discounts, inclusion of marketing materials (send to us we’ll put into your boxes sent out), easy ordering, specific date deliveries, exclusive delivery options, and much more

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