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Saffron is a valuable spice, prized for centuries for its flavour, aroma and medicinal properties. Its history goes back thousands of years, and its collection and high price are closely related to its laborious production process and scarcity.

The stigmas are harvested by hand at the precise moment of flowering, usually during the early morning hours when the flowers are just open. This manual process makes the harvesting of saffron extremely laborious and labour-intensive. 

Once harvested, the stigmas are dried to preserve their properties and characteristics. Traditionally, they were left to dry in the sun, but more rapid and controlled methods such as drying in special cookers are now also used. During the drying process, the stigmas lose some of their moisture and are considerably reduced in size and weight, which contributes to their high cost. 

The main reason behind the high price of saffron lies in its limited production and the number of flowers needed to obtain a small amount of spice. To obtain a single gram of saffron, around 150-200 flowers and the work of several people are required. In addition, the delicacy of the harvesting process and the short period of time in which saffron can be harvested contribute to its scarcity. 

In addition to its laborious production process and scarcity, saffron's high price is also attributed to its culinary and medicinal properties and uses. Saffron has a distinctive flavour and strong aroma, and is used in a wide variety of dishes in different cultures, from rice and stews to desserts. It is also attributed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties, making it a highly valued ingredient. 

In conclusion, saffron's history goes back thousands of years, and its hand-picking and drying process contribute to its high price. Its limited production, the number of flowers required and its scarcity on the market make saffron a valuable spice. In addition, its distinctive flavour, aroma and medicinal properties justify its high cost and make it a culinary gem prized around the world.

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