Gastronomic Souvenirs is fruit of a project created to discover truly local gastronomy and art to tourist and visitors.


Who we are

We are Marisol and Sofía, two sisters who share three passions: design, gastronomy and traveling.

After years of searching for the perfect gastronomic souvenirs on our trips without success, we felt like it was time to make our owns.

On our search we mostly found that gastronomic gifts on offer were either not pretty, not really "local made", not of a good quality or not well packed to save troubles when travelling. Also, once products were already consumed back home, we miss having something left as a souvenir to remember our trips.

On 2014, we first started with this project in Barcelona, our home town. We make a selection of small producers of the most traditional Catalan recipes, work with local designers and start producing our first range of Barcelona's Gastronomic Souvenirs.

It was a real success!! Our products where whidely accepted for all travelers whom, like us, love real local gastronomy and love to discover new products on their trips.

Since then we have continued discovering new exceptional local products, working with its producers and local artists to wide our offer.

Our aim is to continue discovering new regions and new products to fulfill demands of the most gourmet travelers.

We work all the time with local producers. Together we are able to create beautifull and authentic local delicacies that surely brings special and tasteful experiences.

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